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9-1-1 Dispatch Center

911 Frequently Asked Questions

HOW DO I USE 9-1-1?

Dial 911 for police, fire and medical service in an emergency situation only! To ensure rapid emergency response at all times, it is essential the 911 system be used only in a real emergency (when life or property are in immediate danger).

·Dial the three numbers 9 1 1
·Remain calm
·Speak clearly
·Describe the emergency (crime in progress, fire, medical emergency)
·Give location of the emergency
·Do not hang up until directed to do so

Remember - 911 is only a telephone number. A quick response depends on the information you give when you call.


Do not use 911 for anything other than a real emergency. For example, do not use 911 for traffic information or general information such as directions. Do not use 911 for complaints such as a barking dog. These types of non-emergency calls should be made on normal seven digit telephone numbers:

If you dial 911 by mistake, do not hang up! Tell the emergency call taker that you dialed 911 in error. If you hang up, the call taker will call you back. If you do not answer, we must assume that you are unable to answer and a police unit will be sent to your location.


                     First, take heed of the following adage:
                     YOU may know where you live,
                     And GOD may know where you live,
                     But if WE don't know where you live…
                     YOU and GOD better be on good terms!!

Make sure your house number is clearly visible to a vehicle passing by on your street. Four-inch numbers (not spelled out) are preferred. Since emergency responders use one address to find another, you will not only be helping yourself, you will be helping your neighbors.

Educate small children about what to do in an emergency. Even very young children can use  911 to get help. As long as the child can dial 911, the system will display the address that the child is calling from for the dispatcher to send help.